💡Solve Me

Do you want to play yet another challenge?

The Solve Me offers the opportunity for you to test your knowledge.
To solve the challenge, find the flag (flag\{[a-f0-9]{32}\}) in challenge.
If you solve the challenge and authentication the flag,
you'll get a score and you can read and write solutions in writeup page.
Have fun solving challenge!
  • Only one registration per person is allowed.
  • Do not bruteforce authentication.
    Even if you've solved with it, it's very futile.
  • Do not attack not specified service or server.
    If you find any unintended bug, please report to admin personally.
Thanks to
  • Debukuk (@debukuk)
      - Found a vulnerability of regular expression in valid check functions.
      - Provided the challenge problem.
If you have any questions or problems, contact to admin.
I might not be able to answer immediately. ;)